Sonntag, 27. März 2011

In English please.

My English teacher in Munich said that I should try to improve my English by using it. And so I thought I could use this wonderful blog for some English exercises. I will try to write once a week in English and I would be glad if you correct my mistakes. Learning by doing. Or something like that.

I would like to start with a text I wrote for an assignment in Intercultural Business Communication about some typical German sentences. 

Bitte reservieren Sie die Liegen nicht mit Handtüchern -Please do not reserve the sun loungers with your towel

A typical holiday in a hotel resort. It is early in the morning, everyone is sleeping. Everyone? No! There is one group that is already awake. The Germans. And they have a special mission – to reserve the sun loungers with their towels to have the best place at the pool or at the beach. They place their towels and other personal stuff on the sun loungers, put a parasol to "their" place and then they go back to sleep or go to breakfast. When the other guests come to the pool or the beach they do not find a good place or even a free sun lounger because all the German guests have reserved them with their towels. On the other hand many Germans complain about their fellow countrymen because of this attitude. The culture of reserving sun loungers creates a "towel war" in the hotel resorts. Other guests try to stand up earlier than the Germans or put the towels in the pool to anger the Germans. Also some hotels try to avoid the German reservation culture and put up some signs with the sentence "Please do not reserve the sun loungers with your towel" (of course with the German translation). But Germans ignore this rule because they want their sun lounger. Even if this means that they have to stand up early in the morning. On vacation.

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k.u.k. Klukschwätzer hat gesagt…

Wenn hier keiner sonst klugscheißen will ... :p

"I will try to write in English once a week."

"I would be glad if you could correct my mistakes." Weil das sonst irgendwie seltsam klingt. Anders begründen kann ich das nicht, aber ich studier ja auch nicht auf Lehramt. Ätsch.

"I would like to start" ist sehr formal und klingt ganz sicher nicht nach Blog-gwen. Ich sach's nur.

"On the other hand" - huh? Ergibt im Kontext keinen Sinn, weil da nix steht, was als "on the one hand" gelten kann. "then again" würde vielleicht gehen.

"stand up" muss "get up" sein.

"Also some hotels try..." klingt seltsam, Also, das also. :ugly: "in addition" wäre zum Beispiel besser.

So insgesamt könnte der Saztzbau 'n bisschen abwechslungsreicher sein, aber da hilft eigentlich nur Bücher lesen. Kommt dann von alleine.


Marina hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot! ;)